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Our company acts in the legal services market of Ukraine providing complex legal services to individuals and legal entities.

The mission of the company is to ensure that the result of our work and the quality of service become the basis for the trust in relationships between partners.

Purposes of the company are to be effective for customers, self-improvement, strong and stable team.

"Legal Provider" is a team of like-minded professionals with their own values and views, benchmarks in the work. Our company has flexible pricing which is not the priority in the value system. Our company puts the quality of providing services on the first place.

Legal Analysis
Preparation of legal issues and meals of the norms of practice, theatrical art of the law, assessment of legal risks and propositions of the optimal situation for investor relations for investor relations, and a real estate for investors, for example
Comprehensive business audit
Financial and legal audit of subcontacts, preparation of proposals for the structure of a business, taxation, proposal of an effective financial, organizational and management model
Complex outsourcing service for corporate clients
Preparation of constituent documents and registration of companies. Preparation of internal administrative documents (internal regulations, job descriptions, orders, etc.). Preparation of contracts, agreement with contractors. Client support at negotiations. Providing legal settlement of disputed issues. Written and oral counseling.
Family lawyer
A personal lawyer for your family that provides legal advice when needed. Legal advice, preparation of legal documents, preparation of tax returns, legal provision of real estate and other property, representation in state authorities, in particular, in court, bodies of the state fiscal service, etc.
Protection and representation of the Client's interests
Pre-trial settlement of conflicts. Preparation and submission of documents, representation of the Client in state authorities, in particular in court, organs of the state fixing service in appeal of decisions and actions of state authorities.
Providing advice on legal issues and taxation issues.
Key areas
The company's staff is made up of experienced lawyers who have extensive knowledge of law and professional experience for more than 20 years in the corporate, financial and public sectors.
Director of "Legal Provider" company
Prokhorenko Valery Petrovich
Kyiv, 04073
Kurenivsky provulok, 19/5., Office 301
E-mail: legalprovllc@gmail.com
    Family lawyer
    A personal lawyer of your family, which provides a prompt solution to legal issues in order to ensure the comfort of each family member, focused on a positive outcome and the preservation of family assets. Legal examination of contracts and their maintenance (protection, utilities, condominiums, technical and service). Legal consultations in the telephone 24/7. Preparation and examination of all types of documents. Accompaniment of all types of operations with movable and immovable property. Assistance in the conclusion of a marriage contract. Solving issues in the sphere of inheritance law, registration of inheritance. K] onsultirovanie and representation of the interests of family members in public authorities, in particular in the courts, law enforcement agencies, state authorities, in particular in the court, law enforcement agencies, bodies of state fix service, and others. Advice on completing the income statement. Structuring of family assets. Counseling and support for obtaining all kinds of permits. Advice on financial issues, support of registration of legal relations with the bank. Departure of the lawyer at the address indicated by the client or service at the office of our company.
    Practice in the field of family law
    Issues of hereditary conflicts, division of property, divorce processes are always complex in terms of their delicacy and are usually solved on the basis of the application of several spheres of legal regulation (civil, family, criminal, administrative). The partners of our company have many years of experience in this practice.
    Tax practice
    Tax planning Customer support in the preparation and submission of tax reports. Preparation and support of clients' requests for individual tax advice. Legal support of tax audits. Protecting the interests of the client in tax disputes. Preparation of documents and support of the procedure of administrative, judicial appeal of decisions of fiscal authorities. Representation of the client in court when considering tax disputes.
    Practice in the field of intellectual property
    Preparation of contracts for creation, transfer of rights to intellectual property objects. Support of procedure of registration of objects of intellectual property, obtaining of patents, registration of acquisition of rights to intellectual property objects. Representation of client interests in disputes concerning intellectual property in courts, State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, other bodies.
    Practice in civil and administrative law
    Our lawyers will help you to correctly process the various documents related to your private life or the activities of your company. Indeed, the outcome of the parties' fulfillment of their obligations depends directly on the properly executed contract or the required package of documents. Therefore, in case of necessity to execute agreements, especially those which entail financial consequences, as well as addressing the bodies of state power for explanations or in order to appeal their decisions, we strongly recommend to apply for consultation to the lawyers of our company.
    Banking practice and sphere of financial technologies
    Representation of clients' interests in relations with banks, including with the National Bank of Ukraine. Providing clients with advice on current banking legislation. Representation of clients in courts.
    We work with banks, financial companies, non-government pension funds and other financial infrastructure partners on debt relief and restructuring, debt collection, payment systems and electronic payments, protection against unlawful requirements and sanctions of financial sector regulators.